Maria Amata Garito

M.A. Garito, “The Internationalisation of the XXI Century Universities: UNINETTUNO model, Proceedings of the European Distance and E-Learning Network 2019 Annual Conference “Connecting through Educational Technology”, Bruges, 1 ISBN 978-615-5511-27-1, Bruges, Giugno 2019.

M.A. Garito  Place/DateBruges, 6/13/2019

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After a historical analysis concerning the internationalization of Universities from the Middle Ages to today, the article presents the internationalization process of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, which has developed and continues to develop through two distinct models.

The first model is characterized by a new phenomenon in terms of modalities and speed, favored by the diffusion of the Internet and online social networks. A spontaneous mechanism of global word of mouth, thanks to which in a few years the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO managed to enroll students coming from 163 different countries of the world, giving its identity a truly global character.

The second model is centered instead on international agreements with universities and ministries of different countries of the world and in particular of the Arab world, and is based on the involvement of the best teachers coming from the different partner universities, giving each of them the possibility to realize the contents of the different courses in their own language.

This has facilitated international alliances and the creation of new real and virtual spaces, in order to build networks of knowledge among the various universities of the world and to support the convergence of institutions.

UNINETTUNO, with its internationalization model, created a global network of public and private universities that bring together their knowledge, share resources and technologies, curricula, research laboratories, easily implement the mobility of teachers and students, while maintaining the specificity of the individual universities as a value and enrichment of the network.